A permanent bed bug solution

You can get rid of bed bugs for good without using dangerous pesticides. GoodKnight products uniquely exploit the bahavior of bed bugs. Our patented combination of heat-treatment-technology and trapping produce results superior and less expensive than any other control option. See what sets GoodKnight apart from all other bed bug controls:

you can be free of bedbugs



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GoodKnight gets rid of bed bugs better than anything else. See for yourself




Once they're out, they stay out. GoodKnight remains on guard, and is always ready to spring into action. The PERMANENT solution

Did we mention chemical-free?


That's right, no need for harmful peststicides.


See it work!

Entomologist Tim Maloney slept in a room with over 1,000 bed bugs as part of a government audited experiment! The experiment was run to assess the effectiveness of GoodKnight technology. Representatives from the Canadian Military and Media watched as Tim released the critters into the bed and room. Over the course of the experiment, the GoodKnight kept Tim safe while it eliminated all the bed bugs from the room.

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Who uses GoodKnight?

Today, GoodKnight technology stands guard in Canadian military facilities, as well as in a Washington DC hotel. Even the best facilities need to consider bed bug prevention, and only the GoodKnight gives permanent long-term prevention.




bed bug heat treatment and traps built into a bed frame

Bed frame with heater and traps built in.

get rid of bed bugs with heat treatment technology    heat-treatment built in

stop bed bugs in their tracks with trapping technology    traps built in


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